Literacy @ Sacred Heart

The English domain is centered on the conscious and deliberate study of language in a wide range of texts and the contexts in which they are spoken, read, viewed and written English involves students in reading, viewing, comparing, researching and talking about texts. Through a variety of learning experiences, students explore the meaning of texts and how meaning is conveyed. They develop the critical understanding about the ways writers and speakers manipulate language to influence their listeners, readers and viewers. Students become able to control language by recognizing and understanding how language works and applying this knowledge.

By understanding and working with texts, students acquire the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that enable them to read, view and listen critically, and to think, speak and write clearly and confidently. These skills are necessary for success at school and beyond for an active, informed and fulfilling life in modern Australian society and the global community.

At Sacred Heart we aim to develop in students:

  • The ability to speak, listen, read, view and listen effectively with confidence, purpose and enjoyment
  • A knowledge of the ways in which language varies according to context, purpose, audience and content, and the capacity to apply this knowledge
  • A knowledge of the linguistic patterns used to construct different texts, and the capacity to apply this knowledge, especially in writing
  • A broad knowledge of the range of texts and a capacity to relate this to aspects of contemporary society and personal experience
  • The capacity to discuss and analyse texts and language critically
  • Knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences, and the capacity to develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning.

Students are assessed using both formal and informal assessment tools to allow us to provide a differentiated curriculum based on AusVELS. 

Sacred Heart is currently involved in the Catholic Education Office's Collaborative Literacy Learning Communities Project. This project,  involves our year 5 & 6 students and is focusing on the research question:

How can we connect students, parents and the community to work collaboratively

 through the use of digital literacies to improve student outcomes?