Curriculum Opportunities

We pride ourselves on a wide range of curriculum opportunities for our students

It’s not the curriculum that we offer that sets us apart, it’s the manner in which it’s delivered

Any school can teach a curriculum. Amazing schools like ours are full of teachers actively and passionately exploring the possibilities of making their teaching practice more innovative, engaging and fun at every turn. This is the single ingredient that drives the most growth in our students.

The success we attain is not only evidenced by the assessment data – but it’s seen through the smiles and joy we see on our students’ faces as a concept is grasped. This is the indefinable element that drives us as teachers to produce and grow our own teaching skills year in, year out.

Student Wellbeing

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School encourages partnership between school, family, parish and local community providing a secure and safe working and learning environment. The development and wellbeing of each student is central to the school vision.


The English domain is centered on the conscious and deliberate study of language in a wide range of texts and the contexts in which they are spoken, read, viewed and written. English involves students in reading, viewing, comparing, researching and talking about texts.


At Sacred Heart Primary School, we have a  strong focus on engaging students in open-ended maths tasks based around real life and student experiences.  

Collaborative Learning

At Sacred Heart Primary School, students work collaboratively across their level. Collaborative learning is an educational approach to teaching and learning that involves groups of learners working together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product.

Religious Education

Sacred Heart School offers a holistic education that is based on Catholic Tradition and Contemporary Learning.

Religious Education underpins all of the arrangements we make for children’s learning at Sacred Heart and so is an integral inclusion in our total curriculum.

Physical Education

Sacred Heart Primary School offers an extensive Physical Education program from the Foundation year to Level 6 taught by a specialised Physical education teacher.

Visual Arts

The Visual Art program is developed according to requirements outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.
Arts learning explores the two main areas of Creating & Making and Exploring & Responding to art.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts program at Sacred Heart Primary School promises to be full of exciting things for our students’ listening and responding to music both past and present and from different corners of the world.


STEM is a multidisciplinary approach that encourages students to problem solve, create, analyse, communicate and innovate in both team and individual settings.

Languages (Indonesian)

Sacred Heart Primary School offers Indonesian language from Foundation through to Level 6 and has a strong commitment to promoting a love for language learning.


Sacred Heart recognises that in order to take part in a modern world, students need to be educated to use a range of digital technologies, but more importantly, to understand how these systems work and be able to use them to create digital solutions.


As well as Music being taught through our Performing Arts curriculum we also have an external company, Jam Hot Music, that provide individual and small group sessions for students at a small cost to the parents.

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